Gratuitous Kid Pics

Yeah, just showing them off here a bit. The Little League Season is coming to an end here at the end of the month, but we’ll still keep busy. Got our tickets for the Battle Creek Bombers on the 23rd, and the Whitecaps(Star Wars Night) on the 24th. Until then…

Destiny.jpgPhotos property of MIB


Awesome! I remember the “county” jerseys… nice to see them in action. And look at that finish on the swing! Nice. This has inspired me to look into having kids… step 1) find a woman…. right? Hahaha.

I don’t blame you for showing them off. Just adorable!

Jeff-I think Trevor has been watching some vintage Reggie footage to get that swing. Don’t worry about finding the right woman, it will just happen. You’ll be getting coffee one day and run into a little hottie wearing a Puljos jersey and the sparks will fly.
Jane-Thank you. They get thier looks from their Mom.

Hall of Famers in the making, eh? I have one on the way right now, so I am going to follow your footsteps and post plenty of pics of the kid just for the heck of it!

RFB-Congrats! I wish nothing but health and happiness for your baby. No doubt he/she will be a little baseball fan. Can’t wait to see the pics.

Gratuitous Kid pics always cool. That backstop is flashing some good form! Destiny starts somewhere…sometimes it comes in smaller sneakers too.

Ahhhh, the kids are adorable! I was watching the little kids play a game at the FanFest! They are so cute! I was happy to see many families bring their little ones to the MLB All-Sar Fanfest.

BTB-even if they don’t become Major Leaguers, we’ll have a ton of fun along the way.
Crzblue-always good to see families at the games. To me, that’s a big part of baseball, and the Fan-Fast would be a thrill of a lifetime.

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