Hello, Wisconsin

foxcitiesstadium.jpgAppleton, WI-August 4-5, 2009: It’s already August, and the kids will going back to school soon, and summer will be officially a thing of the past. Wanting to get one more trip in, we headed west through the U.P. to Wisconsin to take in a couple of Timber Rattler games. We watched the T-Rats play the Kane County Cougars on Tuesday night at 7:05, then for a Wednsday matinee at noon before heading home.  

Playing in the Midwest League, the T-Rats are enjoying there first season as a Class A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. This is obviously helping attendance, as the stadium was packed with Brewers fans for both games. Also helping was the fact that Hall of Famer and former Brewer legend Paul Molitor was there signing autographs on Tuesday night. I didn’t even bother to get in line to see him the line was so long. I also enjoy visiting a ballpark for the first time and Fox Cities Stadium didn’t disappoint. Not as big as some of the other Class A ballparks, but really nice and not a bad seat in the house. The lower box seats make you feel like your right on the field. The food was pretty good and the beer was cold, so no complaints there.

The Rattlers lost both games to the Cougars, but both were very competitive. Tuesday night game went to the tenth with Kane County coming out on top 4-2. Wednsday’s game ended 3-1 in favor of the Cougars again. Wisconsin left a lot of base runners in scoring position both games. We saw some good pitching and defense from both teams, too. I have to give props to the Cougars Chris Berroa(pictued) for throwing me a game ball.

berroa.jpg Photos property of MIB  


  1. Waukee31

    Thanks for my first comment!

    I don’t really follow the Minor leagues that much, so I only know a few prospects. Can you tell me some of the best players on the T-Rats?

  2. Michael David

    Waukee31-The player that really stood out was catcher Cory Kemp. He had a few hits including two doubles. He didn’t have a lot of speed, but still hit the ball really well.

    Jeff-One of my best freinds dad worked in the athletic dept. at KCC when I was a kid. He used to take us there and we’d play all day. I think he played ball in the White Sox system. Small world.

  3. raysfanboy

    Oooooooo, they got Molitor to throw out the first pitch? Sweet! Love that guy! I can remember always hearing commercials on the radio for Kane County when I lived up in that area. Never saw them play, but I know they had a following. Surprising to see a Class A team have a nice stadium–sometimes they are little better than high school fields.

  4. matttan7

    Those photos are just awesome, I’m sure meeting Paul Molitor would have been worth meeting despite the long lines. I like the story behind these photographs, it gives out a very nice perspective here. Keep up this wonderful experience.

    Matthew Tang

  5. Michael David

    raysfanboy-Molitor is a class act. It amazes me when comparing our heroes to some of the players today. Seems like there were so many classy players in the 80’s is was unreal. The ballparks are getting better every where you go. The Class A parks of today are compared to the older AA or even AAA parks. The one in Fort Wayne is outstanding.

    Matttan7-thanks for the nice comments. Baseball is about family, friends, and fun. The Minor League attendance is still holding strong despite the economy. Our country is finding out MiLB is a blast!!!!

    Thanks for all of the comments guys…

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