Bummer! Last Game of the Season

ballsigning.jpgFinishing up our last fun weekend of the summer with go-carts and water slides, we ended it watching the Traverse City Beach Bums taking on the Kalamazoo Kings in Frontier League action. This is the second to last game on the Beach Bums 2009 schedule, but for us, it’s most likely the last game we’ll see live untill 2010. Bummer.

It was a beautifull night for baseball, and the home team Bums won 5-2. The kids spent more time on the playground than watching the game, but at least it kept them busy. We opted for the lawn seats at Wuerfel Park, which has nice areas in the outfield to sit and watch from a blanket or lawn chair.

The kids each recieved a free baseball at the gate and they were able to get some players autographs on them. The only bummer was that former Major League pitcher and Bums pitching coach Roger Mason refused to sign for the kids. We were told he was ‘too busy’ and he basically turned his back on us. What a loser. You can see from the pic just how busy he was. Oh, well, we still didn’t let it ruin our last game.
masondouche.jpg Photos property of MIB


  1. matttan7

    What an experience. A free baseball is a good giveaway, just as long as the fans don’t throw them in the field. Oh well, Roger Mason has better things to do than sign for the fans, I agree with you that he should have signed at least a few. I hope the last game was great for you and the youngsters.

    Matthew Tang

  2. Michael David

    We didn’t let it spoil out good time. The kids don’t really understand that much. They forgot all about it after the playground.

  3. Jordan

    It sounds like you had you and your family had a really good time! That’s really lame that he wouldn’t sign for the kids though. It takes maybe, 5 seconds to sign a ball and make a kids day, and he coulden’t do it?
    Thanks for the link to your blog! It’s nice to find someone who appreciates minor league ball as much, if not more, as I do! I can’t wait to read more!

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