Being Mobile in Alabama

hankstadium2.jpgHeading to Mobile, Alabama to watch the Central Michigan Chippewas take on Troy in the GMAC Bowl, did not really quench my thirst for some baseball. While down there we stopped by Hank Aaron Stadium, home to the Mobile BayBears of the AA Southern League, to check things out.

Southern hospitality had to have started here, as we were invited right into the offices of the BayBears. The gentelman working was nice enough to open the gift shop for us, and the stadium, so we could get some pictures. We also got to see Hank Aaron’s childhood home, which is being reconstructed at the ballpark. Unfortunately, the museum doesn’t open until April, but we could still see the progress from the outside.

My only regret about this trip was not being able to see a game played here. It is a very unique stadium, with the luxury boxes actually at the ground level. This opens things up for the regular seats to have some very good sitelines of the field. I’ve heard some complaints on other sites about this, but really how boring would things be if all ballparks were built the same. Hank Aaron Stadium is truelly an original spectical.

The museum opens on April 14, with Hank himself being in attendance. We were also told that the likes of Ozzie Smith, Bob Feller, and Bud Selig (yeah) will be there. I, unfortunately, will not probably be able to attend, but I would recommend it to anyone in that area.

For you fooball fans, CMU beat Troy 44-41 in double OT in one of the best games I’ve witnessed.


baybears.jpg  Photos property of MIB


  1. Michael David

    Don’t let the sunshine fool you, Jeff. It was FREEZING down south. At times, it was actually warmer or the same in Michigan. They had record lows all week long, and really didn’t know how to handle it. When we flew into Dallas on our way home it was 13F. Glad we didn’t bother bringing shorts along.

  2. greg1969

    Great entry, Michael David. Great to see what they’re doing to showcase Aaron’s childhood home! Thanks for the trip! (And I wouldn’t have minded the cold, either!) Take care.

  3. Elizabeth D.

    Sounds like you had a very exciting trip! There is something magical about being in an empty ballpark, almost by yourself. There’s a scene about it in WP Kinsella’s ‘Shoeless Joe’, which you should read if you haven’t! Too bad you won’t be able to make it to the opening of the museum. It would be great to be among guys like Aaron, Smith, and even Selig!

  4. Michael David

    Elizabeth-being in an empty stadium is pretty cool. I did read ‘Shoeless Joe’ and liked it a lot. Also, in a few short months I’ll be playing catch on ‘Field of Dreams’ movie site in Iowa. Can’t wait.

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