Lakers host Softball Banquet

SOFTBALL1.jpgThe Lake Superior State softball team kicked the season off this weekend hosting their annual ‘Take Me Out To the Ball Game’ dinner. We were served burgers and hot dogs by the Lady Lakers, and the kids enjoyed cookies and cake for dessert. We made a good donation to the team as all the proceeds help fund their 18 game schedule in Florida over Spring Break. Thier first double-header is against Tampa on Feb. 26th.

We didn’t get to stay very long, do to the fact that my two-year old pitching prospect decided to start showing off his arm by tossing pieces of hot dog all over the place. My daughter was able to get her picture taken with a couple of the seniors, and felt good that a many members of the team recognized her from the clinic they put on in December. You think they would have offered her a scholarship by now…

LSSU Laker Softball Schedule

Photos property of MIB


  1. Elizabeth D.

    Your children are adorable! You’re doing right by raising them as baseball fans! It is the greatest gift my father has ever given me, and I’m sure they will feel the same way. It will connect you to them like nothing else.
    Sounds like a great event; it’s very nice that you helped to sponsor their tri to Florida. Softball is great; I used to play myself… I was the only pitcher on the team. Complete games twice a week? Crazy.

  2. Michael David

    Jeff-this kid’s got big league written all over him. He’s already got the cockiness to him, too, that every pitcher needs.

    Matt-these girls have to do a lot to raise money to fund their trips. We hope their one home game this season isn’t a rain out (or a snow out, though it’s pretty nice up here now).

    Elizabeth-my kids definately take after thier mother. We have a lot of fun together at games and playing around. I even coach thier Little League team in the summer and they enjoy that. The baby gets just as excited when a baseball game comes on tv as when Elmo does.

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