2010 Baseball Trip: Day 1-Davenport, IA

Quad Cities River Bandits vs. Burlington Bees: Our second game of the day took us to beautiful Modern Woodmen Park, home of the River Bandits. This ballpark was listed #1 on the Minor League ‘must see’ list, and it didn’t disappoint. The bridge going over the mighty Mississippi River in right field was really breathtaking. It had already been a long day, so it was nice to sit back, relax with my $6 brat and beer, and enjoy the game. There were a lot of walks, so we were able to scout many pitching prospects during the game. The weather stayed nice for us, too. It was hard to concentrate on the game at times, as we’d get mesmerized by the bridge and river. A perfect night for baseball. Final: Bees 9, River Bandits 6. Best: The view. Great site lines with the bridge. Worst: Pricey concessions.

QC8.jpgPhotos property of MIB


  1. hooksfan

    Our family is trying to get to all of the ballparks which are in the Texas League. To date we have been to our hometown field, Whataburger Field and our I-37 rivals, the San Antonio Missions at Nelson Wolff Stadium. I’m glad that your family shares the same passion for baseball.


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’m caught up on your trip and games.. You’re right….the park with the bridge in the backround is pretty spectacular! A Brat and a beer? Life is good!!

  3. Michael David

    Jane-the field is even better in person. sometimes pictures can’t capture the feel of the game.
    Jeff-I don’t mind you using the photo. I’m actually flattered by it. All the people in Iowa were super nice.
    hooks-the Texas League would be a great road trip.
    Mike-the view, beer, and brat were all good. A fun time.
    Thanks all for checking in. I’ll be updating my blog daily adding each day of my trip.

  4. Michael David

    Pitt-yeah, ‘Sugar’ was filmed there. I havn’t had a chance to see it yet, it was never in theatres near here and I don’t know if it’s out on dvd yet. Heard it was pretty good, though.

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