Guillen Rehabs With Whitecaps, Too

For the second time in less than a week, a member of the Detroit Tigers has been donning the Whitecap blues for a rehab start. Second baseman/shortstop/outfielder Carlos Guillen was lucky enough to entertain the fans in West Michigan. Guillen went 0-2 with a walk, but the ‘Caps still beat the Great Lakes Loons 2-1. Rehab starts aren’t only fun for the fans, but a thrill for the current Whitecaps players, too, trying to make it to the top. Having guys like Brandon Inge and Guillen in the lineup help out the young guys with some advice and encouragement. One team member who was more than happy to rub elbows with the big leaguers was catcher Robert Brantley. He told the Grand Rapids Press “They’re in the major leagues for a reason. They’ve found out the difference between being here and and there. I watched them like a hawk to learn what got them to that level.” Brantly also stated that one of the things he learned from the Tigers infielders was the importance of relaxing during a crucial at bat. He hit a two-out single in the bottom of the ninth that gave the ‘Caps their 2-1 lead last night against the Loons. Thanks for stopping by, fellas….

carlos4.jpgPhotos coutresy of the Grand Rapids Press


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    (as with here in B’kln..) I find these guys bring with them a whole different frame of mind also. They can never be that personable at an MLB park. And it seems when they rehab down below it’s kinda like a release for them. That’s my experience at least.

  2. crzblue2

    Looking at your pictures and reports here, I suddenly want to go to a game. There is a single A team in Lacaster, then there is the 66r’s in SAn Bernardino and the …oh yeah the Quakes from the Angels in Rancho Cucamonga. Maybe this weekend that the Dodgers are away I can catch a game in one of these locations.

  3. Michael David

    Jeff-yeah, it helps that GR is close to the D. The Whitecaps have a big advantage over the other Michigan baseba Minor League teams in that aspect.
    Virginia-always a thrill to see Major Leaguers
    Mike-yeah, I think it reminds them what it was like in their humble beginnings, being around the young guys and so close to the fan base.
    Emma-Cali is full of Minor League fun. you have plenty to chose from, and I hope you have a blast.

  4. raysfanboy

    Carlos Pena recently rehabbed with Port Charlotte. I wanted to get down there so bad! I listened to it on the internet and it sounded so weird to hear him on a Stone Crabs broadcast. I agree that when the guys from The Show go on rehab assignments it is a thrill.

    However, I guess the team that Nelson Cruz has rehabbed with might be getting sick of him these days…

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