Safe At Second?

Once again, the Detroit Tigers start the season with
sizemorecaps.jpgtheir starting second baseman up in the air. Last season, former Whitecap Scott Sizemore (pictured) was slated to be the starter, but was coming off an ankle injury. He started anyway and stuggled both in the field and at the plate. He batted only .206 before being sent down to Toledo. Carlos Guillen was moved over to second before (big suprise) going onto Injured Reserve. Coming up to take his place was another ‘Caps alumni, Will Rhymes. Rhymes impressed everyone with his work ethic and the fact that he hit .304 in 191 at bats. Dubbed ‘Mighty Mouse’ by the Detroit announcers, he always seemed to add a much needed spark to the Tigers offense. Sizemore was called back up late in the season (finally healthy) and hit .308 in September and October. With Giullen not expected to be in the Tigers lineup until late March after having micro-fracture surgery on his left knee, Sizemore and Rhymes are the two most likely to be battling for the Opening Day spot during Spring Training. However,  also in the mix is Danny Worth. Worth is possibly the best defensive option, but we’ll see how he hits this spring. This triad of player aren’t only battling for the same position for the first month or so of the season, but possibly the starting job if Guillen goes down with another injury at some point during the season (yeah, what are the chances of THAT happening?). M.I.B. Pick: Will Rhymes. I like his left handed bat, and his ability to hit behind runners and just get on base. My feeling is that they’ll go with Sizemore, though, which I wouldn’t mind since he was my favorite player from the ‘Caps 2007 Championship team. Dombrowski likes his power, and will be eager to prove he was right by starting him last season. I’m looking forward to watching these players duke it out this spring and thoughout the season.

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  1. Phillies Outside

    Watching some of these younger guys at spring training is actually a lot of fun, they have a fire in their eyes that somewhere gets lost after players have been with the major league team for awhile, they just seem to run everywhere and have the look of excitement about them… it’s great that baseball is finally here again..


    Phillies Outside

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Everyone is a champion in Spring Training! Carlos Guillen injured? Now there’s something that doesn’t happen everyday.

  3. blithescribe

    Rhymes looked good at 2nd when the Angels played the Tigers last season…then again, so did Sizemore when the Angels played the Tigers at the beginning of the season. It must be fun watching your Whitecaps go up to the majors after you’ve watched them come into their own. And Guillen injured? What an out there prediction 😉

  4. theheirloom

    I’ll agree, Mike. Will Rhymes was well-known amongst the Midwest League (via my Cedar Rapids/Beloit/Appleton radar) as a solid infielder with a consistent bat. A threat known to West teams when play the ‘Caps.

    Do I sense a youth movement at Comerica?

    – Randy

  5. Michael David

    Peter-yep, that’s what spring training is all about.1
    Ron-I’d be happy if Sizemore won the job and was able to keep it.
    Kristen-yeah, predicting Guillen to get injured again is pretty ‘out there’!
    Jeff-he’d be welcome, but I’d rather see the kids come up throught the system. I don’t think he’d want want Detroit anyway-especially now.
    Randy-Rhymes tore up the MWL en route to a ‘Caps championship. I hope to get back to Appleton in either July or August for a game this season.
    Thanks all for checking in-

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