Ya Just Never Know…

One of the fun things about gearing up for our 2011 travels, is wondering what players we’ll be able to watch who might make it to the big leagues. It takes some players longer to make than others, but some guys just seem to stand out. Last season while in Cedar Rapids, we were lucky enough to watch Mike Trout play, who has been named the top prospect in baseball. His lead-off homer was impressive, but what impressed me more was his attitude. He was nice enough to sign a program for my son who was an Angels fan at the time (he bounces back between the Angels and Cubs..don’t ask). We sat right behind the on deck circle, and our conversation with Mike started when my dad asked him why he had his name and number on his shoes, while his teammates didn’t. He kindly explained that he was their top draft pick and this was part of his deal. He had his own little cheering section which he rewarded with a game ball. It’s nice to see players at this level without the big egos and attitudes. Trout genually seemed gratefull for his fans and to be playing. The next day in DeMoines we saw Hall of Famers Ryne Sandburg again. You really can’t go wrong meeting these guys. We also met some of the Whitecaps players later in the summer, and being a Tigers fan it’s fun to watch these guys progress though the system. So next time you’re travelling by a Minor League ballpark, stop in for a game. Ya just never know who you might see play.

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  1. ronlang44

    My Uncle met Ryno at a game a few years ago in Peoria and got to talk with with for a bit. My Uncle told Ryno,”You probably here this all the time, but I appreciated the way you played the game”. To my Uncle’s surprise Ryno responded, “Actually, I don’t here that very often and thank you!”

    That’s the way players should be. Good to hear this about Trout. It’s encouraging when you get to see young ballplayers still being humble and respectful.



  2. raysfanboy

    I’m pretty bummed Ryno left the Cubs system. They disrespected him and he told them where to go–or at least where he wanted to go.

    The fact you saw Trout is pretty cool. That guy, along with Bryce Harper, is going to be something great to watch in the future.


  3. crzblue2

    In addition to Camelback Ranch in AZ, we went to Goodyear to watch the Dodgers against the Indians. i love the feel of a minor league ballpark. At the end of the game they had seniors walking around the bases. The announcer said “Make sure you don’t slide.” I thought that is cute having that for seniors. I always see that they have “run around the bases” for kids but never for seniors.
    Ahhh, so nice to have Spring Training!

  4. blithescribe

    I think that’s funny about your son. When my sister and I were young, she started bouncing back and forth between loving the Dodgers and loving the Padres for reasons only a kid could explain. My father understood that, to her, her reasons for switching affiliations were very important, but he grimaced every time she was in a Padres phase.
    I’m glad to hear that Trout is truly playing the game the right way. It sounds like he is every bit as nice as he is talanted and being so grounded so young should help deal with the hype and pressure when they do bring him up to the bigs.

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