Life’s A Beach

Traverse City Beach Bums vs. Evansville Otters: Wuerfel Park-Traverse City, MI

We finally made it down to Traverse City this week for our first Beach Bums game of the season. The weather was beautiful, and the kids were able to play on the play ground inside the park for a while. The kids were happy that their Papa could meet us there, too, as he always spoils them rotten. What I really like about Wuerfel Park is that the concourse goes completely around the interior of the park, so we could take Brian for ‘walks’ and he can see the entire field, while we can keep track of the game. Lily and Trevor helped out a lot watching their little brother, and were rewarded with some ice cream. Not a huge crowd for a game during the week, but that’s fine with us, as the kids needed to run around a bit. It’s hard to ask them to just sit and watch a game when they’ve been in the car for a few hours. Our next game will be Star Wars night at the Whitecaps next weekend. That should be a memorable night.

In the game, the Beach Bums broke out the bats, scoring 12 unanswered runs. The Bums were sparked by a big fifth inning rally, scoring six runs. The offense was led by shortstop Jose Vargas, who had two two-run doubles and a solo home run during the game. He ended the game 3-4 with five RBI’s. Designated Hitter Chase Birch also knocked a two-run shot over the fence in the fifth. On the mound, Bryan Banes earned his fifth win of the season (5-0). Final Score: Beach Bums 12, Otters 4.

That is one big PBR!

Brian with his Papa and SunTan

Wuerfel Park-Traverse City, Mi

Photos property of M.I.B.


  1. Red State Blue State

    Awesome! It really brings a smile to my face knowing you’re getting to spend quality time with your kids while showing them our beautiful pastime. Over the last couple years, I feel like I know you guys from all the posts… it’s just a really cool thing to see. And I can’t wait for the Star Wars night pics. My fav!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Great pics, Mike! I love the first one of the three of them together. They’re so cute and look lke they’re scheming for some fun. And what a beautiful ballpark. Baseball in the sun with family, as it was meant to be.
    — Kristen

  3. Michael David

    Jeff-I appreciate the comments. I very blessed and lucky to have them to share things like baseball and Star Wars with.
    Kristen-I like that first pic, too. Trevor is always up to something….The ballpark is pretty nice, and they do a good job of keeping it clean.

  4. mlblogsroxaddict

    That looks like a very cool Stadium. I wanted to try to get to Evansville this year, but they weren’t home both times I was in Indiana this trip. Did make a lot of minor league in North Carolina this year.

  5. Michael David

    Mike-I’ve been keeping track of your trip and it looked like a great time with a lot of cool stadiums. North Carolina is a trip we’ve been looking into, with so many teams and leagues.

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