Good Grief…

Sometimes I feel like the human version of Charlie Brown. My ex sure did pull the proverbial football out from under me many times during the last decade. The kid has some really good qualities, though, even if he is a bit nieve. I agree with him that fall is depressing, and the thought of no baseball for the whole winter basically sucks. But, at least I have my baseball movies to keep me entertained, and the hockey games almost every weekend up here. We also have countless Charlie Brown and Snoopy DVD’s to keep us entertained, too. They remind me of when I was a kid, and the kids love them.

Peanuts comic courtesy of the great Charles Schultz


  1. Red State Blue State

    There will always be Lucies… people intent on crushing our dreams. Phooey! Keep yer head up and keep the right perspective and all will be well. Glad you and your kids have so much to share!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Good Old Charlie Brown really sums it up for us some times, doesn’t he? I once had a boss only a little older than me mention that he thought Peanuts was cute but outdated humor. I very much disagree. I think it’s timeless and always relatable. And it’s almost time for It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. 🙂
    — Kristen

  3. crzblue

    I love Charlie Brown! I love the whole gang, even Lucie! Love this cartoon and as Kristen says, this sums it up for us. Good grief, no baseball. I too have my baseball movies and books and also a few Charlie Brown tapes.

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