Kids meet more World Champion Tigers

Not one to miss out on an adventure, I packed the kids up and headed for Traverse City to a baseball card show. I really like the shows and seeing all of the cool memorabilia for sale. This kids picked up a stack of baseball and hockey cards, and the little guy got some cars and comics. The only thing I really collect now is the team sets from the places we’ve visited. It’s fun to keep track of the Minor League players this way. We were also lucky enough that signing at this show were two former pitchers from the 1984 World Series Champion Detroit Tigers, Dan Petry and Dave Rozema. Both players were very nice to the kids and loved talking baseball. Rozema arm-wrestled Brian for his World Series ring (he lost, darn it), but they shook hands afterward anyway. Rozema loved to tell stories of when he was in the minors and how the little ballparks compared to the ones today. Petry was also nice enough to get a photo taken with the kids and we talked some college hockey, as his son played for Michigan State. We really had a fun time and a good trip. The kids Papa also met us there from downstate, so it was good for the kids to visit with him, too. It was fun for me to meet these players, too, as the ’84 team was a fun memory from my childhood. Lily and Trevor are to the age where they’re starting to appreciate experiences like this now. I hope we can make it to the show in Grand Rapids this February to meet Denny McLain!

Dan Petry with Lily and Trevor

Dave Rozema shaking hands with Brian

Photos property of M.I.B.


  1. This is a very simple game...

    Sounds like a blast…and I’ll bet I can name three kids who will never have a sob story about their folks throwing out their baseball cards when they go away to college. So is Trevor going through a new Phillies phase now?
    — Kristen

  2. Michael David

    Jeff-I think Gibby is probably busy this time of year. I’d love to meet Tram and Sweet Lou, though! Don’t worry about Trevor…he has his Cubbies shirt on underneath!
    Soxy-thanks for dropping in..yeah we do have some fun together!
    Kristen-no, we’ll be hoarding all of the baseball/hockey cards and probably comic books, too. Poor Trevor, we picked that Phillies hoodie up at a second hand store, and he can’t live it down! Honestly, the kids have tons of baseball clothes from different teams, Minor League and MLB.

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