Birthday Boy

Wow…It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since we were blessed with Brian in our lives, and team M.I.B. became complete. Time seems to fly when you have kids, and this last whole decade has basically been a blur. This should be a fun year with Brian, as he’s finally old enough to start tee-ball. He’s excited about playing and going to all the baseball games over the summer. He talks about the Whitecaps and Beach Bums quite a bit. Happy birthday Bri!!!!!!

Brian the day we brought him home sporting his first Whitecaps jersey:

Brian at the Whitecaps last summer:

Photos property of M.I.B.


  1. Red State Blue State

    Happy Birthday, Brian! I can’t wait to hear the tee-ball updates. It’s been fun watching the kids grow up, learning to love the game through their super dad! They’re a lucky crew!

  2. Michael David

    Thank you, everyone for the kind words on Brian. He sure is a great kid and I am so blessed to have him in my life. We’re having a fun off-season, but can’t wait for this summer!

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