Some fantasy baseball M.I.B. style

Fantasy baseball isn’t easy. My biggest jab at football fans is how lazy they are. They only commit to their team once a week, and make such a big deal out of one game. When trying to recruit teams for fantasy baseball, I get the same remark from football fans: “What? I’ll have to check it almost every day! Fantasy football you only have to check once a week.”

Lazy, lazy footballers. Well, if anyone on the blogosphere would like to partake in some fantasy baseball, feel free to join my league. It’s all for fun, free, and the lucky winner just might get a congratulatory e-mail from ME if I’m not feeling lazy. It’s through Yahoo! sports, so everyone by now should have some kind of Yahoo! account. The League ID is: 77279. The password is: beer. Enjoy.


“The password is beer.” You, sir, are awesome! I keep toying with the idea of joining fantasy league. I get how it works in principal but I’ve never played.
— Kristen

That’s my password too! LOL. If I weren’t spread out with 4 teams already I’d take you up but my head spins all year long already. I love fantasy baseball. It’s… sublime. I’ve won a league ONCE. Trying to remedy that.

Kristen-fantasy baseball is so much fun! You find yourself rooting for your players now matter what real team they’re on.
Jeff-totally understandable. Four teams is a lot to handle, and I can barely find the time for one or two. I’ve NEVER won a championship, but hope to this year!!

I am going to join right now and I will see if Danny and Austin want to join. Also, I just wrote you back from the comment you made on our blog.
-Quinn from nybisons

I just signed up and one thing: I noticed that the draft type was auto pick draft, so you might want to change it to standard draft, so we can pick the players we want too. Also, you would have to set a draft time because there is no draft time yet, so yeah if you want to do that. It’s totaly up to you.
-Quinn from nybisons

Signing up, gotta beat Quinn.
-Austin from nybisons

Quinn-it’s hard for me to find the time to sit down and do a draft, being a single dad with three kids, and working full time. We’ll see how many teams sign up, though, and do what we can.
Austin-sounds like a rivalry brewing here, guys, good luck!!

Okay, I can see how that might be hard for you to sit down and do a draft.
-Quinn from nybisons

just joined, looking forward to it. just moved to iowa from omaha and love knowing that this state has 5 minor league teams!!!

Thanks for joining. I loved the teams in Iowa when I visited. Hope you have a great summer.

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