Life in the Minors…

Such is the life of the Minor League baseball manager. Sometimes you just gotta work with the players the big team gives you… Peanuts comics are still the best.

Peanuts comic courtesy of the great Charles M. Schulz


  1. This is a very simple game...

    I don’t remember this one. Too funny! Good old Charlie Brown is absoutely still the best…and has an appropriate thought for all occassions. I’ll never forget my Russian lit professor giving us a particular killer final and then softening it with tea (we were a small class) and a Peanuts cartoon with Snoopy contemplating Anna Karenina. Seriously, there is a Peanuts cartoon for everything.
    — Kristen

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Kristen-I think this was first published back in the ’60’s, so probably well before our time! These comics are timeless, though, and I think you’re right about there being one for every occation. Schultz was sheer genious!

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