2012 Baseball Trip-Game 7: What a load of Bull

University at Buffalo Bulls vs. Bowling Green State Falcons

Amherst Audubon FieldAmherst, NY: Trying to squeeze as much baseball into our trip as possible, we decided to take in some college baseball at the University at Buffalo. We had some extra time before the Buffalo Bisons game, and I personally enjoy the college game. UB has a nice campus, and we explored a bit and checked things out at their book store/gift shop. I was actually disappointed with Amherst Audubon Field, which looks a lot more like a high school field than one used for Division I baseball. I know baseball isn’t a big draw up north, and other sports like football and basketball bring in the revenue, but you would think they’d put something into a decent baseball stadium. We still had a fun time, and there were some scouts there looking for the ‘diamond in the rough’ type player, and they’re always fun to talk to. The weather was beautiful also, and to some good baseball free of charge is simply a plus. Other than us and the scouts, the rest of the crowd was primarily just friends and family of the players. It’s still a high level of baseball and well worth our time. Final: Buffalo 3, Bowling Green 6.

Pierce Arrow Museum

Buffalo, NY: Other than baseball, my other love is cars. I’m a guy, and guys just like classic cars. This is actually the third car museum we visited on this trip, and it’s located just a few blocks away from Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo. After the game at UB, we decided to check out some automotive mastery. The Pierce Arrow cars are really beautiful, and the museum had some other memorabilia like old gas pumps and signs. They’re in the process of moving into a bigger facility, but it was a great way to waste some time until the next ballgame. The best car museum we went to on this trip was in Norwich, NY, which is just north of Binghamton. When I get a chance, I might post some pics from that one with one of my B-Mets reviews.

This is a baseball uniform from one of the factory teams in the early 1900’s The factory teams were extremely competetive at the time.

Photos property of Minoring In Baseball


  1. Quinn

    Looks like you had a great time at the Bulls game! I have never been to a Bulls game before, but I hope to get to one next year. I have been to many Bulls basketball and football games, and would have to say football brings in the largest crowd. Just out of curiousity: Do thye let you keep foul balls that go into the stands? I can’t wait for the Coca-Cola Field post to be up!

  2. mlblogsroxaddict

    Looks Like a great trip so far. I start my road trip in just under 3 weeks. Doing another big east coast loop. I was going to try Upstate NY this year but the Rockies schedule did not make it easy!!! Going mid west and south. Repeating a few parks from last year and hitting up a bunch of new ones. Tulsa and New Orleans are on the list this year! Oddly Tulsa will be my first double A game.
    Have a good rest of your trip.

  3. Minoring In Baseball

    Jeff-I agree, Jeff. I’d be more apt to play some actual baseball than slow-pitch softball.
    Macbeth-Have fun in Syracuse, it’s worth the trip.
    Quinn-the college games they want the baseball back, but I don’t see how they really can enforce it. We’ve got some college baseballs, but hide them in our backpacks or vehicle right away.
    Mike-have a great trip, I’ve never been over that way yet so I look forward to your pics!

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Malcolm-The college games are a lot of fun. They’re usually played during the day, and free of charge, so they make a good outing before a MiLB night game. They play more ‘small ball’, too, which I like to watch.

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