We all play in a yellow Little League…

He look grumpy, but he’s just tired after the game!

We haven’t been to a live ballgame since my baseball trip, but the sport is still part of our everyday lives. With two boys in baseball, and a daughter in softball, I spend over ten hours a week at the baseball fields here in town when you add up the practices, games, and time we get out just by ourselves. Add that to a 40 hr. work week, and all the single dad jobs of laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning…and it makes for one busy and tired daddy. On this Father’s Day weekend, I couldn’t be happier to be doing all of those things. Being a father is all about sacrifice, but the rewards for the sacrifices are continuous joy and unconditional love. Being able to coach my kids is one of the biggest joys of my life. This is one of the few things in this world that I actually know, and it feels good to pass on my love and knowledge of the sports. Giving back does feel pretty good, and all the kids on our teams are good kids, and it’s fun coaching all of them. Lily is now in girls softball, so I can’t coach her anymore, but she is actually helping me coach Brian’s T-Ball team. She is great with the younger kids, and has a ‘take charge’ attitude. She is simply amazing. Brian is having a lot of fun in his first year of baseball, too. At four years old, they only play once a week, but it introduces him to the sport (well, he already knows it pretty well…), and gives them a chance to be on a team. Before you think that i’m forcing baseball on my kids, I’m really not. Trevor wanted to play soccer last year, and I supported him and was at every game. This season he’s just trying to re-learn baseball and get his swing back. He’s doing a good job, and has been playing catcher and third base. Both boys actually are wearing yellow this season, so it’s all good. They look pretty good sporting it, too!




#1 in your program, #1 in our hearts!!!!

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  1. macbeth11

    I can’t wait until Darcy plays T Ball. A couple of years away. Whenever he puts his Cubs shirt on, he yells,”Go Cubs Go!’ Obviously, he doesn’t know yet, just mimicking what I do, but it’s funny.

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Mark-never wish the time away, but it is so much fun watching them play!. Brian likes the Tigers and Red Sox (loves the Green Monster mascot), and does root for the Cubs a bit with his brother. Have a great Father’s Day!

  2. nybisonsdanny

    Hey, Mike. Do you have any tips for McCoy Stadium? I am going there next week and just wanted to know what the stadium is like.

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Danny-You’ll love McCoy if you love the ‘old time’ ballparks. Bring a basket or bucket with a long string attached, because that’s the only way players in the dugouts can get anything to sign, as all the seats are located directly above them. Have fun!!!

  3. Red State Blue State

    I don’t have any kids, but I have an awesome Dad myself and know how important he was in my upbringing, especially when it comes to my passion for baseball. Following your blog over the years has been a great lesson in what it takes to be a good father. Your kids are certainly very lucky! Thanks for sharing as always and happy Father’s Day!

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