Baseball or Hockey for Kivett did a great story on West Michigan Whitecaps outfielder Ross Kivett. Growing up on Ohio, Kivett started playing hockey at an early age, and only started baseball when he was 12. He’s having a nice season in West Michigan, so it looks like he made the right decision, and that’s not taking anything away from the great sport of hockey. I know for me living here in Michigan, hockey is huge (especially the town I’m living in right now). For me as a kid, the only two sports were baseball and hockey. It made sense, too, playing baseball all summer and hockey all winter, and they continue to be the true sport loves of my life. I really don’t think that kids play multiple sports like I did as a kid, and it’s too bad. You can read the full article on Ross HERE.

Photo property of Minoring In Baseball


  1. The Baseball Bloggess

    Many college baseball coaches look for multi-sport players — so they have wider-ranging experience, different ways to problem solve and strategize, and so their bodies are more balanced and toned.

    I’m baseball all the way at the end of the day … but I went to the University of North Dakota, so you know I have a warm spot in my heart for some hockey and a zamboni! 🙂

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Sweet, you went to NoDak?! I bet you’ve seen some great teams come through there, and I hear they have the best college rink in the country. I don’t agree with the NCAA making them change their uniforms and logo, either. I went to Lake Superior State in the ’90’s when they were winning championships. Even drove over to Minnesota to watch them be Boston U for the championship 9-1!!

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