2016 Pizza Bowl

Straders’s Raiders vs. Vrable’s Vikings

29745559314_de046287b6_zJim Patterson Stadium-Louisville, KY:  I’m still learning some of the traditions of Cardinal baseball, and a new one I’ve discovered is the Pizza Bowl. The Louisville baseball team splits into two squads for a five game series, with the losers serving pizza to the winners. This years series featured Strader’s Raiders against the Vrable’s Vikings.  The Vikings took the first two game of the series, and we were in attendance for game three.

30311183871_ee8495c0c7_z30397340275_17d56c1ea1_zGame three really looked like the Raiders were going to break into the win column, as they carried a 3-1 lead into the eighth inning. They were lead by catcher Zeke Pinkham, who hit a single, walked twice, and scored a run.  Outfielder Ryan Summers and infielder Justin Levy each had one hit and one RBI.  Freshman outfielder Ethan Stringer hit a solo home run, and Brian was able to snag that ball.

29765580493_a9c8dbaede_z30376205575_7f6895e28e_zThe Vikings made their comeback in the eighth inning on three unearned runs.  Outfielder Logan Taylor had an RBI single and scored a run to lead the Vikes offense.  Colin Lyman and Danny Oriente each added and an RBI, also, with Oriente hitting and RBI single in the seventh as well.

30100272180_e77afd2756_z29765591453_6218b86259_zStarting on the hill for the Raiders, Michael McAvene earned a no-decision although he struck out six, walked one, and pitched six no-hit innings.  For the Vikings, Nick Bennett giving up just two runs on two hits while striking out four. FINAL:  Raiders 5, Vikings 4.

Trevor snagged a foul ball, and found a UofL stress ball

Trevor snagged a foul ball, and found a UofL stress ball

This was a fun day for the boys and I. We also had a productive day, as Trevor got a foul ball and a stress ball.  Brian was able to snag Stinger’s home run ball! This was our last ballgame of the fall, as the team split the last two games of the series, with the Raiders winning four games to one. We look forward to the spring and more Cardinal baseball!  Also exciting news I learned from my buddy the Baseball Bloggess, is that Louisville will be hosting the ACC Baseball tourney next season, also, so I’m looking to get some vacation time for that!

30280806732_c0b9a041e3_zPhotos property of Minoring In Baseball




  1. Jackie, The Baseball Bloggess

    UVA’s Orange/Blue World Series runs 7 games (thru next weekend). Orange is up … 3 games to none, one tie. (Glad I had my blanket last night, it’s got chilly out there.) Before Christmas, Coach O’Connor will have the team over to his home for dinner — the winners of the Orange/Blue Series will get a steak dinner, losers will get hot dogs.

    Here’s my question … in your photos of the pitchers on the mound you can see buildings in the background. It almost looks like a gray house in one. I guess the stadium is right in the middle of campus? And, is that the football stadium next to it (which I see in another photo)?

    I’m still jealous that L’ville gets the ACC! But, really happy for you … especially if you go … and post photos! 🙂

    • Minoring In Baseball

      I love how each college has their special tradition! Yes, down the their first base side it is a residential neighborhood, not sure if it’s all students or not. I think some families live there, and you’ll see them with chairs on the roof watching games. The college itself is down that same street a few blocks. Across the street of right field is the football stadium. I’ve never been inside, but my older son wants to go to a game, so maybe I’ll have to some day. Churchill Downs is also right down the street from the front of the stadium. Lots to do here! I will definitely try to make it to the ACC playoffs for sure!

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