Little League…or California Penal League?

SALL2.jpgWell, the Sault Little League finally provided us with our team jerseys last week. Our lucky four-year run with blue came to a eye-clashing end. This year we pulled…orange. Makes me feel like I’m coaching in the Calinornia Penal League, or that maybe one of the local prisons should have been our sponsor. Oh, well, we’ll still have a lot of fun, and even though they’re not profesionals, they still don’t tank plays for personal reasons…

Photos property of MIB


  1. crzblue2

    LOL. When the Tigers were in town at Dodger Stadium, this guy went dressed in an bright orange overall. My reaction was “what prison did he escaped from.” Not a fan of the Jint color but the kids look adorable posing for those pictures.

  2. Michael David

    Jeff-they do swings away. In ‘coach pitch’ the key is to get out of the way of the ball or a flying bat.
    Emma-thanks for the props on the kids. If you saw someone from Detroit in orange, chances are they ARE an escaped convict…that or Ron LeFleur.
    Mike-coaching is very rewarding, and a great way to give back to the game.

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