Bumming Around TC

Traverse City Beach Bums vs. Windy City Thunderbolts: After a fun weekend at camp the kids and I decided to catch a Beach Bums game on our way back home. We were all pretty tired, but the game gave us a chance to relax and enjoy some baseball. We’ve hit at least one game every season since the team came here in 2006, and they’re all pretty fun. Not much of a crowd for a Monday night, but enough going on to keep us entertained. In the game, the Bums won 8-3 on the back of two hits by Matt Brown, who also had a stolen base. The team had four stolen bases in the game altogether including two by J.T. Hall. Ryan Platt got the win for TC on the hill. We’ll try to get to another game here this summer, but next on our slate are the Whitecaps next month on Star Wars night. Can’t wait for that one…

TCBB10.jpgPhotos property of MIB


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Star Wars Night sounds like it’s going to be a blast. I admire your family’s tremendous baseball spirit!

  2. Michael David

    Jane-I like the Beach Bums name, too. It’s original and fits the TC area.
    Mike-this will be my first ‘Star Wars’ night, so the kids and I are really excited. Will be breaking out the lightsabers…
    Jeff-TC is a resort town, and they wanted the ballpark to look kinda like a resort. It did turn out pretty cool.
    Beaversfan-would love to check out your latest post…just send me the link…
    Thanks all for checking in!

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