All Good Things…

Just like all good things, our Little League season has come to an end. I call it a success because we had a lot of fun, and the kids hopefully learned a lot. You can’t judge these things just on wins and losses, ya know. Bitter sweet also because this is the last game for me coaching two of my kids on the same team. Lily will be moving on to girls softball next season. She’s been the only girl in the league the last two seasons. No doubt she proved she can play with the big boys, though…she was one of my best players all season. Trevor is torn between soccer and baseball. All his friends play soccer, so it’s a tough decision for him. It will be too bad if he quits, though, as he really came on at the end of the season, going 4-5 in the last two games and making some nice plays in the field. Maybe I can bribe him with a new glove next year…I know, despicible me. Still two years away from the little one starting tee ball.

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  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Gashouse Gorillas got nuthin on the Sault Nine! As a coach there was always deflation knowing there were no more games to play. I can’t wait till next year to start coaching again. I’ve been away from it a few years. Break time is over. When my son moved on to high school I concentrated on my softball career. LOL

  2. thonyc

    Thanks Mike for sharing us some of your wonderful experience of couching your team. I know you did your best and put so much effort for this little fellow. Well, after reading some of today’s Wall Street Journal, it made me feel some what anxious. Anyway, seeing this all good things stuffs makes me more happy. I wish your two kids all the lucks and let’s support their dreams till the end. That’s what should parents do, right? Good day and God bless!

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