Star Wars Night-Episode I: No Phantom, just fun!!!

West Michigan Whitecaps vs. Beloit Snappers: As we were rained out last night, the weather was on our side tonight. A beautifull night in Grand Rapids, to enjoy some baseaball. Of course, Star Wars night brought out over 10,000 fans to Fifth Third Ballpark for the game and to see their favorite characters. Yes, the two loves of my childhood colided in one special night with my kids. Baseball fans and Star Wars nerds fans alike were cheering in unison. The Whitecaps even wore special Star Wars jerseys with the likeness of Darth Vader on them. I think that Lily and Trevor were more excited over meeting the characters than the game, but at least they got to see everyone they wanted. Trevor’s favoites are the Stormtroopers and Lily liked meeting Chewbacca. The kids also got autographs from some of the Whitecaps players like third baseman Wade Gaynor and hitting coach Louis Quinnones who played with the Giants, Reds, and Cubs. The game was capped off with a fireworks display. Of course the kids had to watch the Star Wars movies on the way home (no prequals), and are now hounding me to play with my 30 year old toys. Oh well, they can’t last forever, but the memories of this ballgame can. Final: Whitecaps 4, Snappers 6.

SWN14.jpgPhotos property of M.I.B.


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Totally jealous! Two of my greatest accomplishments as a father were imparting Star Wars and Baseball to my son. The rest I blame on his mother. LOL

  2. Txbaseballfan

    Great entry! I just ran across your blog from a comment you left on the Rockpile Ranter’s blog. I love minor league ball! I recently got my first ever game home run ball. I didn’t catch it, but picked it up off of a grass berm in left field but it’s a homer nonetheless! My local team is the Fort Worth Cats of the American Association. I go to about 2 games a month and my daughter and love it! Great blog, I’ll be stopping by more often.


  3. Michael David

    Mike-it’s nice we can hand things down to our kids that we loved at their age. Makes us kids again. I blame their mom for a lot too….
    Jeff-no slave Leia, unfortunately, but at least there wasn’t a lot of the prequeal or Clone War stufff….
    Jane-thanks..the kids had a blast, and have been playing with my 30 yr. old toys ever since.
    Virginia-thanks for stopping by. It is a good combination for the kids and us kid-like adults.
    Brian-I’ll be stopping by to check out what’s going on with the Cats for sure.
    Emma-I’m not sure how it works in other parks. I think there is a local club hired out to do it here.
    Thanks for checking in everyone!

    –Bur-Mi Jegra

  4. Elizabeth D.

    You’re a great dad. Sharing baseball and Star Wars with your kids is a very special gift. I can’t thank my dad enough for turning me on to both of them. Whoever came up with combining Star Wars and baseball is a brilliant, brilliant person. I love the captions on all the Star Wars photos–brilliant!

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