2011 BBT Day 2: A New Spin on Things

Lowell Spinners: LeLacuer Field-Lowell, MA

lowell spinnersSeeing a ballpark without being able to watch a game is a little depressing, unless you never planned on watching a game there in the first place. On our way north for more baseball, we decided to check out LeLaceer Field, home of the Lowell Spinners of the New York-Penn League. The Spinners are a short season Single A team, so they don’t start playing games until June. We decided it would still be fun to check out the ballpark, and the staff was nice enough to let us in, show us the park, and let us shop a bit at the souvenir store. LeLacuer Field is very nice of Single A, and they share it with the UMass-Lowell college team, as the ballpark is right on campus. I’d love a chance to get back to here to see a game. Lucky for us we were able to get our baseball fix in later that day. Stay tuned…

Photos property of M.I.B.


  1. Michael David

    Emma-it was a long trip, but maybe I can make it back someday.
    Kristen-I’m not sure the point of the van, unless they have a Scooby-Doo promotion coming up or something. That would be great.
    Catherine-good point about getting into the park. Always fun to talk baseball with different people, too.

  2. Gregg

    The van is used during the games. They’ll have Spinners employees drive around LeLacheur Park in the van and throw free shirts out of it.

    The best time to go to a Spinners game in my opinion is August 31st. They let UMass Lowell students in for free. So they add a lot of energy to the game, it is great. They don’t get rowdy or anything like that. Plus the nights are fairly pleasant in late August.

    What I like is that the games are cheap. Tickets are dirt cheap and there is plenty of parking. It is all controlled by UMass Lowell so you’ll be charged $5, which isn’t to bad. If you’re there early enough you might find some parking on a side street.

  3. Michael David

    Thanks for the info Gregg. I would love to get back there for a game. It sounds like a great atmosphere, and the college kids always make things more fun.

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