Spring is here, but the Snowman dies anyway…

This may seem like just a formality at this point, with record highs here up north in the mid 70’s, but our tradition of burning the snowman took place anyway. This is the first time I can remember us seeing this without at least having on a winter coat and hat. I’ve been taking Lily and Trevor for about six years now, and this is Brian’s second time. In all, this was the 42nd annual Burning of the Snowman and it’s always a fun way to spend the afternoon. It takes place at our local college Lake Superior State, so lots of students and town folk turn out to see the snowman burn in effigy and usher in spring. We enjoyed some hot dogs and the kids each got a free t-shirt from the radio station. Kids love getting free stuff, really, no matter what it is. The event always seems to take place when the kids have a half-day of school, so luckily we’re able to come every year. I hope this keeps winter away this year for good, though, and living in Michigan anything can happen. We’ve already been outside playing some catch, and really hope we have this kind of weather next month when we start going to the baseball games down state. While driving through the campus, I made sure to blast some Def Leppard in the Town & Country just to prove to all of the college kids just how cool I still am…and my kids think I’m embarrassing…

Photos property of M.I.B.


  1. Red State Blue State

    Burn that mutha!!! I remember you writing about this in the past. What a fun tradition. Doing it under the sun in a tshirt and jeans probably made it even sweeter! Also, I still think Def Leppard is cool!

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Jeff-it’s something to look forward to every year, and another stepping stone toward spring and summer, and was definately more fun this year with the weather already turning. Def Leppard does rock!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Yeah, your kids will think it’s embarassing right up until everything clicks and they start begging to borrow your CDs. Def Leppard, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Skid Row and the like will always be cool! 🙂 I love the snow man tradition! That absolutely rocks! Around here, I’d burn an effigy of the Santa Ana winds if a) I could think of a suitable effigy and b) I thought it would work. No, we don’t suffer through them for months and months, but a few weeks of loud wind induced insomnia and allergies gone wild is a lot to ask of a person.
    — Kristen

    • Minoring In Baseball

      I don’t even think the kids use CDs, Kristen. Everything is on iPod or iPad or something! I’m trying to teach them the best music I can! The snowman thing is very cool, and something for us to look forward to each year. We’ll have to think of some way to get you rid of those winds, too!

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