Whitecaps SnOwPEN HOUSE 2015

Snowpen1Fifth Third Ballpark-Comstock Park, MI: This weekend the West Michigan Whitecaps officially kicked off the 2015 season, hosting a ‘SnOwPEN house’ at Fifth Third Ballpark. There were s’more stations and a pitching area out front for the kids and adults alike. The mascots Crash, Roxy, and Frankie were interacting with the fans, also.


Brian with our favorite mascot, Crash!

Brian with our favorite mascot, Crash!

Brian with Roxy. Hope he didn't make Crash jealous!

Brian with Roxy. Hope he didn’t make Crash jealous!

Brian’s favorite activity of the day was getting a ride by the sled dogs. This was a very popular activity for others, too, as we waited in line for an hour in the balmy 20 degree weather (at least it wasn’t -35, as it is today). The wait was worth it, as Brian had a blast getting pulled around in the snow. We were lucky to get him on, too, as he was in the second to last group, and so many people had given up that were ahead of us.

snowpen5snowpen6Up in the ballpark, the ‘Caps were serving up free hotdogs for fans. They even were playing the movie ‘Frozen’ on the giant video board for the kids to enjoy while they ate. The ticket office opened up, too, as single game tickets went on sale. A fun day, that got us excited for baseball season. It doesn’t look like the cold and snow is going anywhere soon, but we can certainly dream. We ended out day at the Van Andel Museum in downtown Grand Rapids. Brian enjoyed all of the artifacts, and especially the Real Pirate exhibit.

snowpen7snowpen8Promotion courtesy of the West Michigan Whitecaps

YouTube video of the dog sled:

Photos  and video property of Minoring In Baseball


  1. The Baseball Bloggess

    I think that the University of Virginia’s Artie Lewicki pitched some last season for the Whitecaps. He was a big part of UVa’s run to the College World Series in 2014.

    Looks like a great day — despite the cold. I always love how minor league teams take care of their fans even in the off-season!

    I’m hoping for warmer weather and snow melting for all of us so baseball can hurry up and get here. (UVa has already cancelled/postponed or moved its first 5 home games this season … sigh.)

    • Minoring In Baseball

      Yes, Lewicki pitched ten games for the ‘Caps last season. I think he might be assigned there this season, also. I completely understand about the weather. Our local college (softball) hasn’t played a home game in two years! Even watching the games from the Carolinas and Texas fans are bungled up. Here’s to warmer days ahead.

  2. crzblue

    Simon, I miss our walks at work. You motivated me to walk more. I need to get back to doing that.
    That looks like so much fun! The pictures are so cuuuute!!! The closest I come to snow here is seeing some on top of the San Gabriel mountains. Yes, baseball can’t come soon enough. I am heading to AZ this weeke.d

  3. crzblue

    Oops Mike about the comment to Simon. haha. I am using the computer at the library. I was laid off so I either use the one at home or at the library. i was having trouble here and my time is almost expired.

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